The Retro Weekend


Hi there! We're so glad you're here. 

I created this print shop because of my love of travel and exploring new places. As a photographer, it's really exciting seeing a place for the first time. It was my goal to curate a collection of images and illustrations that captured the excitement and inspiration a lot of us feel when traveling. 

Our Mexico collection holds a special place in my heart and was influenced by several trips to Mexico over the years and my family's own connection to the country (I'm Mexican on my father's side). There's so much beauty there, so much color, so much interesting and fun design - I hope that what we put together injects a bit of color, fun and inspiration onto your walls. 

We've designed all our collections to work cohesively together, but we also encourage you to mix and match! 



More about our artists:

Laurel Autumn is an Oregon based freelance illustrator and graphic designer with a background in the Fine Arts. Her experience in product development for home decor created variation in her illustrative abilities, with watercolor and digital formats being a favorite. View more of her work HERE.

Rachel Hughes is a Dallas based VOIP tech with a passion for painting. She enjoys experimenting with mixed media and always employs vibrant colors and a sense of wonderment in her work. She's currently building a tiny home and plans to live out the country lifestyle most of us can only dream of. View more of her work HERE.

Katie Locke is a Dallas based designer, Horned Frog, dog mom and board game enthusiast who draws inspiration from traveling. She enjoys bright colors, clean lines and experimenting with typography and motion graphics. View more of her work HERE.

Fernanda Flores is a painter and illustrator originally from Querétaro, Mexico. By day a marketer in the non-profit world and by night a drawer and painter who loves to experiment with a colorful lithographic style. She currently lives in Dallas and will never turn down a cuba libre if you offer it.